9.4 The Round-up (follow up work)

You have discussed and seen some aspects of life in France at the time of the Round-up and the impact of the German Occupation.

Today you have the opportunity to complete further resarch into the subject.  You must produce a psoter/ information leaflet using Word or Publisher (not Powerpoint) about the impact of the Holocaust and WW2 on France. You may make specific reference to the events seen in the film.

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9.4 Task

Using the guide sheet create a piece of writing on the topic of holidays.Write a description of a holiday

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French Presidential Election 2012

France is currently in the middle of its Presidential Elections.

You have access to the Internet (wikipedia/ news sites) to research the process of these elections and who the main candidates are.

You could also research how France came to have a President- what did they have before?  Why did it change?  When did it change?  Is the French system different to our own?

What are the main issues in France at the moment?

If you wish you may create a profile of each of the candidates or make a profile of a famous French President.

You must put your reserach into one A4 poster IN YOUR OWN WORDS.

You have this lesson and next lesson also.

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Year 11 Revision Materials

GCSE Revision Instructions

Spanish Vocab List

German GCSE Vocab list

French GCSE Vocab list

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Year 10 Spanish Easter Homework (due first lesson after the holidays/ approx 1hour30)

1. Read the text on p.58 and the text on p. 60 again to refresh your memory of how to incorporate the preterite (past tense) into a text. Then, using the yellow box on p.59 and your own book notes, write a paragraph about your week (real or imaginary). You should use time phrases (see the blue box on p.59), opinions and connectives and make sure your sentences are not too short and snappy

2. Complete ex. 3 page 59 (you will need to access Kerboodle- don’t look at the transacript until afterwards). Write the answers in your ex.book.

3. Complete ex. 4a/4b page 61 (you will need to access Kerboodle- don’t look at the trsnacript until afterwards). Write your answers in your ex. book.

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8.2 French ICT Lesson 26th March 2012

Please open the attached document and follow the instructions written on it.

Cher Paul p56 letter adapted for ICT lesson

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MFL Film Club

MFL Film Club

Friday 12.30-1.15 Room 16

(to begin on 23rd March)

A fantastic opportunity to gain a greater insight into another language and culture.


If anybody is interested in attending please collect a letter from Miss O’Brien and return the permission slip by 21st March 2012.

The films available this term are:






                                                                                             * All films

                                                                                                      will have sub-titles

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Year 7 Helpful structures for your Wordle Task



Je joue au…

Je fais du/de la/de l’…..

au centre sportif

(at the sports centre)


ma mere, mon frère etc

C’est cool! etc
De temps en temps


  au college

(at school)

Une fois par semaine

(once a week)

  dans le parc

(in the park)

Deux fois par semaine (twice a week)        
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Year 8 Spanish: Answers to listening task p.50

Listen to the soundfile again on Fronter and see if you can make the links with the answers:

1. Lourdes:  normally a sandwich and fruit.  Water.

2. Marcos: in general, pizza or spaghetti.  Water or juice

3. Barbara: Normally hamburger and chips.  Sometimes goes home to eat.

4. Aurora: Salad (always)

5.Francisco: never eats in canteen.  Always goes home to eat.

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Y11 Spanish Helpful vocab


I have





mis estudios. my studies

el comportamiento de mis compañeros.

the behaviour of my classmates

mis notas.  my grades

la presión.   my pressure

el estrés.   stress

Me preocupo

I am worried about



Tengo miedo I am scared of

Temo  I am scared of



mis compañeros. my classmates

mis profesores. my teachers

los exámenes / las evaluaciones. exams/ asessments

¿Cómo puede ayudarme?
¿Qué debería / puedo hacer?
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7.1 Homework Due Tuesday 31st Jan


Write the following in French (use the verb flower attached above):

I watch                                             you (s) listen

they draw                                         we speak

I sing                                                you (s) have lunch

she dances                                            he plays

you (pl) copy                                         We come back

they (f) leave                                          he eats

they swim                                                we travel

I live                                                     they dine(m)

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Y9 Spanish Writing Homework

Here are some useful structures to help you with your homework which is to write about your school timetable.  We expect at least a third of a page for this task.

A las nueve= at 9

A las diez=at 10

A las once y cuarto=    at 11.15

A las doce y cuarto= at 12.15

A la una y media=at 1.30

A las dos y media=at 2.30

A las tres y media=1t 3.30

empieza = starts    

e.g. mi clase de español empieza a las…=my Spanish class starts at…

termina = finishes

e.g. mi clase de espanol termina a las…=my Spanish class ends at..

tengo una hora de…=I have an hour of..

los lunes/martes/miercoles…=on Mondays/ Tuesdays etc

después= after           antes= beforesaco= I get

mi primera clase es= my first lesson in..

mi ultima clase es..=my last class is…

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Y8 Spanish Listening tasks

Listening Task

Find the “me encanta la informatica” soundfile on Fronter

  1. 1.      34 seconds- 1 min 23

Listen to the school subjects being pronounced and write them down in the order that you hear them (pay attention to your Spanish spellings!)

  1. 2.       2 min 32-3 min 30

Listen to the 8 people give their opinion of a school subject e.g. Me gusta la historia.  Note down the opinion and the subject in English in your book.

  1. 3.       3 min 31- 4 min 36

Listen to the four people talk about what they like/ don’t like to study.  Note down a many details as you can in your ex. book in English.

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Dans mon sac

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

This is the soundfile to accompany Year 7 French homework.

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Year 9 “Languages matter” homework task- useful links










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Spanish Listening Task: Do you have a pet?

SOUNDFILE 14 U4 in Fronter “Animals” folder

  • Ex. 1a: 0 seconds- 53 seconds : Listen to the pronunciation of the animals and practise saying them
  • Ex 1b: 55 seconds- 1min 55 seconds: Listen to the animals and write down in your book the animals in the order that you hear them (* for extra challenge, don’t look in the Listos book)
  • Ex 2: 1.57 seconds- 3min 28 seconds: 6 people are asked if they have a pet.  Write down their answers.
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Soundfile for Spanish Listening ‘Mi familia’

Your task is to listen to the 3 “paragraphs” of information and record in your ex. book at least 3 pieces of information per paragraph.

The aim is to improve the connections between the written word and the spoken word.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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Blank Star sheet for Year 10 Spanish Homework

star sheet

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Year 9 Spanish aper H/W sheet Due 22nd Nov (LONs group)


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Year 9 Spanish Period 1, 8th Nov

martes el 8 de noviembre

¿De dónde eres?

Obj: To be able to say where you are from using countries and the verb ‘ser’

  1. A ruler

  2. A rubber

  3. A biro

  4. A textbook

  5. An ex. book

  6. A bag/ rucksack

  7. A fountain pen

  8. A pencil case

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Lesson 5 9/4 – 2nd November

Log onto http://www.euroclubschools.co.uk/page41.htm

Print off the attached worksheet and answer the questions – forst one finihsed with all correct answers wins a prize! EuroclubSchoolsFRENCHChristmas30001

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8.2 Puppet show videos

Take a look at what 8.2 have produced  by logging onto Fronter room 8.2 or the student/staff room (the majority of the files are too big to be uploaded to the Blog, sorry!)…..

Cole and Cameron

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Year 8 Spanish Friday 14th October

viernes el 14 de octubre




 Obj: To complete reading assessment

       To prepare for speaking assessment


Please remember that there is a folder in 8Sp Room on Fronter which contains extensive revision files for the speaking assessment.

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Year 8 German Speaking task

You will soon be doing your first speaking assessment

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A Tale of Two Cities Paris and Sunderland


Sunderland’s certain je ne sais quoi wins over French theatre audiences

Featured in The Times on Thursday 13th October


The setting is exotic, the decor strange and the characters endearingly unsophisticated.

So it is perhaps unsurprising that Sunderland — a play written by a French author who once worked in a factory in the city — should be hailed as a breath of fresh air on the Parisian theatre scene.

Clément Koch, 40, has won critical acclaim for offering audiences weaned on Château Latour and Chanel No 5 a glimpse of another planet.

Beer, football and unemployment are the backdrop to his work, which portrays the residents of the North East as everything that Parisians are not.

Their manners lack refinement, their home decoration leaves much to be desired and their clothes are garish. But they have a fierce sense of friendship and solidarity.

It rains so much in Sunderland “it feels like you’re living in a washing machine”, says Sally, the central character, who is played by Elodie Navarre, a well-known actress in France. She adds that if you have not lost your virginity by the age of 17, you are regarded as mentally abnormal.

Gaven, her suitor, played by Vincent Deniard, is a shock to French audiences, too. He is awkward and unable to express his sentiments except when drunk. Indeed, the only love he can talk about is the one he feels for Sunderland Football Club.

Yet whenever Sally needs a helping hand with the broken boiler, he is there. “I wanted a little exoticism in the play,” Koch told The Times yesterday. He managed that well enough. Seen from the elegant brasserie in central Paris where we talked over a €2.90 coffee, the North East is about as exotic as you can get.

“My eyes popped when I first went there,” said Koch, who gave up a career in business to become an actor before turning his hand to writing plays. “It wouldn’t have been any stranger if I had arrived in Japan.” He went to Britain in 1991 on a business studies course which involved three months of lessons in Durham and then six months working at the Nissan factory in Sunderland. He lived in Newcastle with two Nissan workers and became acquainted with a world very different from the one he had known at home.

“I really liked the place, but that whole ‘thank God it’s Friday’ phenomenon was unbelievable. The boozing and fighting and all that — you just don’t get that here.”

He was once chased out of a pub by a “horde of drunken girls”. He complained to the police, who promptly took him to the pub to confront the horde. “It was a bit surprising.” The dress-sense was unexpected, too. “The clothes the girls wore, well they were just, wow!” When his girlfriend visited from France, she looked for her usual soberly coloured nail varnish. “But that doesn’t exist up there.”

He admits that his play “is a bit of a caricature” of the North East, but says he wanted to get away from the usual French theatre diet of well-heeled, navel-gazing couples engaging in adultery.

His work, which revolves around Sally’s decision to become a surrogate mother to raise money to look after her autistic sister, has been playing to packed houses in Le Petit Théâtre de Paris since opening last month.

Le Figaro, the national daily, said the play, which may soon be staged in Russia, was “skilful and clever”, while Premiere, the internet site, compared Koch to Chekhov.

The success was not perhaps altogether unpredictable, however. France has long been fascinated by the grit of British working class culture and holds the likes of Ken Loach and Stephen Daldry in high esteem.

The difference with Sunderland is that it is written by a Frenchman

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